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Sab Heli Division

23 hours ago

SAB Heli Division

Bert talk about Goblin Fireball Competition...


SAB Goblin USA
Bert explaining the features of the all new SAB Goblin Fireball Competition! With a quick flight from Kyle.

Available now!
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I've always wanted to have a hobby grade RC heli but would this be a good one for a beginner? I have flown cheap indoor helicopters that were fairly easy to fly so would you recommend this one or is there another one that you would recommend for a beginner like me? Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving

Lukuss Ruperrt Jackson

1 day ago

SAB Heli Division

THB 2017 part 2 at Air Race 1 world cup Thailand
Amazing job Tom Khosit Mongkholthai 👍
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THB 2017 part 2 at Air Race 1 world cup Thailand 
Amazing job Tom Khosit Mongkholthai 👍Image attachmentImage attachment


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Thank you all Goblin friends !!! I wish can do Goblin day in Thailand !!

2 days ago

SAB Heli Division

Huge congratulations to Thailand Goblin Pilots!!

Very good result at “Yuhua” Cup International Aeromodelling Invitational Tournament, Nanjing China 2017

1 st Korawich Thongsri
2 nd Boonma Sakboonyarat
3 rd Sasikana Boonmala
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4 days ago

SAB Heli Division

From Goblin video collection,
Amazing night Flight by Kyle Stacy...
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Konstantin Heß so auf deinem Platz wäre so geil !

Joachim Hohenwarter

Awesome flying there partner. Keep it coming! Lol😀

Nicolas Chollet regarde ce vol de malade !!

Stefan Neuwirth ;)

Jonathan Lacombe

Danny Demirovic

Its not human!

Night flights videos are awesome because lower shutter speed and the lights allow the whole rotor disk to be captured

It was awesome to be at RC hell nation fun fly 3 & 4, to see Kyle fly in person, nice guy. It made me fear my usual lack of talent, when I was flying in a box next to Kyle, I was telling myself, don't screw up!

한상욱 조명이 밤을 낮으로 만들어 두었네ㅋㅋ

One of the best I have seen!!! (y)

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