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Sab Heli Division

Tareq and his Goblin Nitro... 7 minutes of interminable fun! ... See moreSee less

7 minutes non stop flying with full performance .. using Rapicon fuel 30% multi-gov pro governor MKS servos Hatori pipe Tareq

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Bill Anderson....that awkward moment when you've accidentally hit the N key, instead of the B key...10 hours ago   ·  1
Rob FrickHe is an alien9 hours ago
Jeffrey SmithMan! Im never going back to electric! lol8 hours ago
Siegfried PolysiusSick.:)8 hours ago
Dave DubreeThat's what it looked like when I first started out , but did not end well lol7 hours ago

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A good friend suggested this nice idea...
now is so easy to replace the tail fin!
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Huân Bùiwho is your good friend??2 days ago   ·  1
Manuel Gonzalez SeoaneLoctite to tail fin2 days ago
Hal StaniloffI'm having a problem with the tail case torquing such that the tail pitch slider upgrade for the 700 Competition binds. Abandoned the upgrade part and went back to the original slider.2 days ago
David HighamIt needs to be separate to the tension slider. great concept, needs work2 days ago   ·  1

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Here some pics from last Kuwait event.
Super great result with the Goblin Pilots Thamer Alshamsi, Saleh AlRashaid & Ali S Al Aryan.
Thanks to Talal Baqer for organize the event.
Special thanks to Tareq Alsaadi for your great support!
Really great Team !
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New blades Tareq edition.
Super fast, very agile for hard 3D style.
High modulus carbon, super torsional stiffness!
Coming soon! Thank you Tareq for your many tests!
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it was my demo flight in Kuwait .. Kuwait since club RC competition .. thanks to Extreme Hobby in Kuwait for the event ..من بطولة النادي العلمي الكويتي وبرعا...

Saleh AlRashaid, อับดุล หล่อ ป่าวหว่า and 23 others like this

Milan MikiboyPicture? :)6 days ago
Rizzle DizzleIsgar del Prado nastyyyy6 days ago
Gerard Van Aarleno reference he makes any blade look good 😊6 days ago

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