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Sab Heli Division

Beautiful day to the SAB field.
Some flights with Ennio and Stefano :-)
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Nice Job Kim de Weese. ... See moreSee less

With 2015 it's time to changes some thing around!! We are all tired of those potato bags we girls have to wear so we proudly present the NEW Sab Goblin Girl clothing line!! ;-) To start we got a sneak peak of the Goblin Girl hoodie, they will be available soon ;-) Hope you like it!! Many thanks to SAB Heli Division for making this possible!! SAB Goblin USA SAB Goblin Brasil Sab Service Point SAB Goblin 亞洲 SAB Goblin Hellas SAB Goblin 380 Owner's Page SAB Goblin Belgium SAB Goblin China SAB Goblin Helicopters Nagoya

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interesting location and beatiful sound From Daniel ... See moreSee less

Demoflug mit bei Smack the Stone 2014 Pilot: Daniel Wiedenmann Ort: Steinbruch - Smack the Stone 2014 STS 2015: am 24.-26.4 & 18.9-20.9 www.smackthestone.com...

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En RicoWow, nice sound! :D Headspeed ?2 weeks ago
Michael Piepers...,,gut man weiß was man gesteuert hat" 😂☀️☀️☀️Daniel Wiedenmann hast du es gesagt oder ein Zuschauer ?2 weeks ago
Dan TynePerfect2 weeks ago
Daniel WiedenmannWar ich Michael Piepers, der gesagt hat "man weiß was man gesteuert hat" ;) Ist ja auch so. Deshalb muss man nicht 100% auf Sicht fliegen und allgemein viiiieeel weniger steuern ^^4 days ago   ·  1

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Martin FähHuuugo...👍😂2 weeks ago
Dale CahakThey are on backwards. Anyone knows you put the wider end at the bottom..2 weeks ago
Don GuinanJimmy saville isn't dead !2 weeks ago
Tony VoLol should have removed the main blades and use the tail blade as the props. Power up! Haba2 weeks ago
Koen EeckhoudtLOL :D2 weeks ago
Philippe RobineIN french: C'est la galère !!!!!!! ;0)2 weeks ago   ·  2
Aaron WolfIf you're stuck in the snow and haven't any paddles just take 2 Goblin 380 :D2 weeks ago
Rachel PlantHugo is very funny :-)2 weeks ago   ·  2
Marie Reine Daudelin Malczewskila bouteille est de trop,,,en espérant que c'était de la liqueur douce2 weeks ago
Maggiore MaurizioGrande sempre il n'12 weeks ago   ·  1
John CookYou guys have way too much fun!!!lol2 weeks ago   ·  3
Dave Tamer TalaatAnd then a wild hugo appeared in a rubber boat with to 380s as paddles 😂😂😂2 weeks ago   ·  1
Radar Flight SchoolThis is nuts!2 weeks ago
En RicoNice Pic! :D :D :D PROST :D4 days ago   ·  1

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Goblin 380 Official Presentation by SAB

This is the highly anticipated Goblin 380, learn more about this machine, including equipment to use, head speeds, and much more.

Goblin 380 Virtual assembly.

G380 assembly Video following the manual!

Kyle Stacy once again the airport with Goblin 380

Kyle Stacy having fun with the Goblin 380 at a private airport. Headspeed = 2800 rpm and 3800 rpm!

Quick battery connection / release Goblin 380

This upgrade makes the battery connection faster !